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Kveik brew leads to touching Norwegian connection for Foamers’ Folly

Pictured: “Here’s some of the Kråbøl family drinking Kråbøl beer witch we very much enjoyed! Me in front to the right, my son Gunner to the left, my daughter Nina with her husband Trond-Magne and their children Oda and Håvard.” – Hans Kråbøl

Descendant of Captain Hans Kråbøl Connects With Brewery Over Beer Bearing His Ancestor’s Name

In January of this year, Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co. released a limited-run beer called Kråbøl in collaboration with Amsterdam Garden Centre in Pitt Meadows. Amsterdam provided Quince from their family tree and we used a special Norwegian yeast called ‘kveik’.

“We named the beer ‘Kråbøl’ after an early 19th century ship captain named Hans Kråbøl who facilitated trade between Amsterdam and Norway” explains Kevin McLean, Creative Coordinator at Foamers’ Folly. “We felt it tied together the various elements of the beer and also fit with the brewery’s theme of being ‘uniquely adventurous’ through constant exploration.”

The beer had been sold out for several months when the brewery was contacted by a man named Hans Kråbøl from Norway. Hans explained that Captain Hans Kråbøl was his great great great grandfather’s brother and was very surprised to find the beer online bearing his namesake.

“Sometimes you get the feeling that things are just meant to be, and this was one of those times,” Kevin reflected. “To connect with someone on the other side of the world over a beer is really compelling for us.”

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