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Two Wolves Brewing Emerges from the Den as New BC Craft Beer Brand

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Two Wolves Brewing Launches Craft Beer Lineup in Western Canada

Two Wolves Brewing Company has launched its first beers to private liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta with plans to expand into Saskachewan and Manitoba. This new craft beer brand is the brainchild of BC craft beer ambassador David Chadwick. Brewed at the new Factory contract brewing facility in East Vancouver this brand takes an outdoors, sessionable approach to craft beer.

Two Wolves Brewing Co.

Two Wolves Brewing is an authentically Canadian brand. It is no secret that we as Canadians love beer, the outdoors, sharing stories about our adventures and all that life in this vast and diverse country offers.

Two Wolves Brewing wants to be part of your adventure and your story. Both the Arctic Blonde Ale and the Great Plains Brown Ale are well – balanced, smooth and easy to drink, complementing any adventure you are on.

The name ‘Two Wolves’ is inspired by an ancient legend. The story about a fight between two wolves — one good and one evil — is a metaphor for the expression of the light and dark potential within us all.

It was this story that inspired Two Wolves Brewing Inc. to brew beers that create a harmony between light and dark: a bright Arctic Blonde Ale for the light side; and a smooth, rich Great Plains Brown Ale to soothe the darker character. At their core, they are pure, fresh and enjoyable.

Founded in 2016 by hospitality veteran David Chadwick, Two Wolves Brewing is a celebration of the Canadian spirit. It embodies a lifestyle rooted in the outdoors with a distinctly wild character and a thirst for adventure. This passion drives Two Wolves Brewing’s desire to be great and do great, which is why a portion from each sale goes to wolf preservation research and initiatives across the country. With initial distribution throughout Western Canada from British Columbia to Manitoba, Two Wolves Brewing’s products will soon be available across Canada from coast to coast.

Explore both sides.

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  1. Caty
    Caty 6 September, 2017, 15:35

    I worked for these people for two years and they couldn’t even have the decency to pay us our remaining wages/vacation pay when they illegitimately declared “bankruptcy.” Just trying to prevent these snakes from profiting off of the money that they stole from us.
    Little do you know but when this new brewery was founded, me and many of my other coworkers were trying to get our last owed paycheques! Husband of Cora Wills (Two Wolves chairman and founder), Chuck Wills, was actually the owner of BRB Co. Brewery+Eatery which was previously named Big River Brewing, until he declared ‘bankruptcy’ and refused to pay any of his employees. Search up reviews and I’m sure it will open your eyes to what kind of scumbags run this company. Chuck and Cora Wills, along with David Chadwick, Michelle Gowing, Stephen Parker, Nathan Griffiths, and Jeff Knight are all part of the executive/operational/sales teams of Two Wolves Brewing and they ALL also worked with us at BRB.
    Chuck Wills refused month after month to pay rent and we had the doors shut by the landlord in 2015, then again in 2016. As David Chadwick was our GM, he also played the victim act, claiming that “For my part I can tell you that I had advised the ownership that they needed to take the pending action from the landlord very seriously. They have chosen not to take my advise and tried a course of action that clearly has not worked.” Along with unpaid rent, the owners refused to pay cleaners and many, many others. Must be a great cast of actors that Chuck and Cora have under them to be able to cry with us over lost jobs and wages but then turn around to help build another brewery.
    This shady brewery is run by even shadier people. Don’t claim bankruptcy then use the money you stole from your employees to open another brewery.

    Don’t want all the bad backlash? PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES.

    Two Wolves Brewing


    Caty , June 29, 2017 at 2:49 pm

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