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Two New Beers From Townsite Brewing – Westwood Wheat and Said The Ale

Two new beers have been released out of the Powell River brewery Townsite Brewing Inc. The Westview wheat is a witbier offering to satisfy your summer urges while the Said The Ale is a part of the Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3 as part of the CBC Band Beer series. Both beers are hitting the shelves of your local craft retailer in the coming days so keep an eye out and watch for a full review coming soon!


WESTVIEW:  noun 1. the direction of every view in Powell River, and features the epic Comox Glacier; 2. a refreshing summer seasonal wittier

Everyone’s favourite summer beer is back, and this time we’ll be brewing it all summer long!

A Belgian WitBier, Westview Wheat is spicy and citrousy with a golden-orange effervescence. It is hazy by design as this style of beer is typically unfiltered, the yeast adds a layer of body to this otherwise light and easy sipper.

When pairing this beer with foods it is easy to play on its citrousy character. Salad with vinaigrette, Grilled fish with lemon and parsley or a Charcuterie platter of: cheeses, meats, olives and pickled onions.

Westview will be available from the May long weekend through to September long weekend


OG: 12.5 PLATO
FG: 2.1
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 20



Said The Ale Beer Me BC review is now live here

Puns are widely regarded among dads and twitter users as one of the highest forms of humour, so it was no surprise when CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence took to twitter with his #CDNbandbeer hashtag and it trended its way right into the National Post. Graphic designer Ben Didier took the joke too far by designing a set of labels for some of the fictitious brews, published them on the CBC Music website, and before long, our friend Jeremy Sibley of Old Yale Brewing recruited us, R&B Brewing and Cannery Brewing to help make them a reality.

We partnered with Vancouver band Said the Whale to produce ‘Said the Ale’, a Belgian-style pale ale.  At 5.8% ABV, this is an easy spring sipper with a low hop aroma and slightly bitter finish complements a complex background loaded with fruity flavours of pear & orange.Release date is May 31 at private liquor stores & select government stores on the Sunshine Coast and lower mainland.  And, of course, our own retail store!

More information on the project: CBC Band Beer


OG: 13.5 PLATO
FG: 2.1
ABV: 5.8%
 IBU: 28


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    mikescraftbeer 10 May, 2013, 12:56

    Cool. The band beer idea sounds great. I hope I can get my hands on all of them.

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