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Turning wine into weed in Ontario

With the arrival of Cannabis Day, Beer Me BC presents coverage related to the burgeoning recreational marijuana industry in Canada.

Cannabis tourism is beginning to rival the wine industry in California, as craft cannabis companies negotiate with municipalities cannabis tasting rooms, tours and cannabis restaurants. While the California regulations aren’t perfect by any means, there’s a lot that Ontario’s $4.4 billion wine industry could learn, from farm tours to (almost) infused dinners elevating cannabis culture. California is like taking a peek through the looking glass to see Canada’s legal future less than a month away.

Just like in Canada, you don’t have to be a resident to purchase cannabis in California, but you do need to bring your passport as ID to get inside a legal dispensary. You might find the shelves are a bit empty as craft cannabis companies struggle with new regulations mandating childproof packaging and labs deal with a backlog of product testing. You’re also not able to give out samples or serve cannabis at events yet, but this isn’t stopping cannabis tourism companies.

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