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Townsite Brewing Little Red Sour Flanders Red

Townsite Brewing Puckers Up With The Lil’ Red Flanders Red Ale

Townsite Brewing Inc. Releases their first Sour Ale – The Lil’ Red Flanders Red Ale

Townsite Brewing Little Red Sour Flanders Red

Townsite’s first sour beer offering, The Lil’ Red is a Flanders Red Ale which was fermented with lactobacillus before having the house yeast added on top. It has powerful Pear & Strawberry notes on the nose with a tangy zip of sourness in the first sip.

The vibrant acidity of this beer is a dead ringer for shellfish. It is delicate and fruity enough for spot prawns with just a hint of sweetness to compliment scallops in herbed butter perfectly.

This is Cédric’s first attempt at a sour beer. He worked hard on this one, bringing a blanket and some DVDs to the brewery to keep a watchful eye on the lowering mash pH.

Zesty, Flanders Red, Sour

OG: 13.6
FG: 2.3
%ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 14


The Townsite Brewing Lil’ Red will be available in select pubs in Vancouver and of course Powell River. Keep an eye out for this beer on the taps soon as it will surely not last long!

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