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Townsite Sour Saison

Townsite Brewing Inc. Releases New 7800 Sour Saison

Townsite Sour Saison


A Sour Twist on a BC Favourite Saison

The new 7800 Saison has turned sour. A twist on the original recipe gives a trendy new kick to a favourite BC beer. The New 7800 Sour Saison will not likely last long on the shelves of BC craft beer retailers.

Sour Saison:  noun: 1. the distance as the cuckoo flies between our brewer’s hometown and Powell River; 2. a delicious Belgian sour saison

We had the Saison yeast in house to make our annual offering; 7800 Saison. Since the warehouse is obsessed with souring things these days, this was a given.

All the delicious, pepper, flora earthy flavours of the 7800 Saison with an added zip of sour. This beer was basically made for souring.

Our local CAMRA pres has threatened to buy it all so make your purchases wisely!


OG: 13.2 PLATO
FG: 1.8
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 20
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