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Phillips Hop Drop Hop Liqueurr

The Phillips Brewing Co. Hop Drop Liqueur Arrives in BC

Phillips Hop Drop Drops!

Distilled from real hops, the hop liqueur is available in 2 sizes

November 10, 2014 – Hop Drop was originally introduced as an exclusive on-pack to our 13th Anniversary Ale, but we enjoyed it so much that we’ve released it on its own! Its depth of flavour is robust enough to enjoy poured gently over ice, or it can be ‘dropped’ into another beer to instantly raise the ABV and infuse bright a hoppy flavour.

Distilled by the newly minted Phillips Fermentorium, Hop Drop was the logical spirit to introduce the distilling side of things at the brewery. It’s an extension of the hop-centered creativity and artisanal approach that Phillips was built on and crafted to celebrate the classic hop flavours that we enjoy in our beer,

Hop Drop is available at the brewery now and will be making its way to the shelves of private craft-focused liquor stores in Victoria, Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver this week! It’s available in 50mL and 200mL vials designed to be enjoyed in one sitting since, as craft beer brethren are keenly aware, hop flavour is very delicate and best enjoyed fresh.

Phillips Hop Drop Hop Liqueurr

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