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The Best Craft Brewery in Every State, from Thrillist

If you have a beer in your hand, life is probably good. And if you have the best beer brewed in your state, life is even better. But with more than 6,000 breweries in the US, which beers are truly the best?

We’ve assembled a crack team of experts to lay on the superlatives. How are we defining “best brewery” here? Obviously, making fantastic beer is a must. Does size matter? To a degree; if two breweries we like are pretty close in quality and one of them is providing beer to many more people, that could tip the scale in its favor, but we might also go with the smaller place that’s inspiring fans to drive hours for its beers. Regardless, we feel that the 50 breweries below represent the best in show in every state (including the Show-Me State).

About that panel: We’ve divided the country into four sections and selected our favorite experts for each. In the Northeast, we have longtime Thrillist writer and owner of Alphabet City Beer Co. Zach Mack. Taking reins in the South is legendary beer scribe and journalist Ale Sharpton. The Midwest is in the able hands of former editor at DRAFT Magazine and current staff writer for The Takeout, Kate Bernot. And bringing up the west is Ezra Johnson-Greenough, founder of Portland Beer Week and The New School beer blog. Thrillist editors Matt Lynch and Andy Kryza got in on the action for real, because FOMO is a lifelong affliction.

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