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Taste Superflux’s Newest Collaborations with Two Ontario breweries!

Superflux x Willibald Fountainbier Purple

This beer was inspired by Willibald’s Purple Seltzer and is a bright, tart, refreshing fountainbier style ale made with grape. It was brewed at Superflux and is the second collaboration between the two breweries.

Superflux’s head brewer, Simon Jongsma, visited Willibald in Ayr, Ontario in November 2021 tasting the Purple Seltzer for the first time and knew immediately that he wanted to team up to create something to fit into Superflux’s Fountainbier series. He says, “We drew from Willibald’s experience flavouring and colouring seltzers and worked it into our regular Fountainbier recipe design to make something nostalgic and delicious.”

Fountainbier Purple is now available on tap and in cans at Superflux.

Superflux x Bellwoods Friendshake IPA

This delicious, new IPA takes cues from the Bellwoods ‘Fromage Homage’ release, with flavours of juicy raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, with a robust vanilla kick. Superflux co-founder, Adam Henderson, was eager for a collaboration with the top Toronto brewery and says, “Bellwoods shares a similar outlook but still does totally different things with their beer. This is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to collaborations. For instance, we were always pretty opposed to putting Fruit in an IPA, and in ever using the word “Milkshake” to describe a beer. But look at us now!”

Friendshake will launch on Friday, April 1st and will be available to purchase for $26/4-pack or to taste for $8/12oz at Superflux, while supplies last.

Superflux Beer Company
505 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3H7, CA

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