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Strange Fellows’ Limited Release of Moon Rabbit Szechuan Saison

MOON RABBIT Szechuan Saison

One moonlit night many years ago, a Rabbit happened upon an old man sitting by a fire. Seeing the elder was hungry, Rabbit threw herself on the flames so he’d have food to eat. Revealing himself to be a deity, the man rewarded Rabbits’ compassion by painting her image on the moon for all to see forever. Next time the moon is full, find a fellow in need of some kindness, pour them a glass of this bright & peppery saison, and make a toast to Rabbit’s benevolence.

* While we can’t at this time share this beer with each other we can raise a glass in salute to all front-line health workers in thanks for their sacrifice and compassion! *

AROMA Spicy / Citrusy
CHARACTER Bright / Peppery / Refreshing
A.B.V. 6.0%
PAIRS WITH Mexican food / Egg dishes / Fish

Available for HOME DELIVERY

Join us for an interactive MOON RABBIT live tasting
6pm PST on Thursday April 30th on Instagram

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