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Strange Fellows Limited Edition Beer Release – Moon Blossom

MOON BLOSSOM Elderflower Sour Saison – Can-conditioned Limited Release
While away the enchanted evenings of summer with this sylvan Saison, infused with a little moon magic and heaps of freshly picked Elderflower blossoms.

Tales of old remind us to beware the enchantment of Faeries on a mid-summer’s evening and advise that standing under an elderflower tree will prevent them from spiriting you away. Elderflower trees are somewhat hard to come by, so we have something a little more convenient for your protection which also happens to be just the thing to linger with on ethereal summer nights.

Harken this folklore of old:
On summer’s brightest day of gold,
As veil ‘tween worlds doth fade away,
the faeries we can spy at play.
Remember all: you must beware!
Or to their kingdom, you they’ll bear.
Then leave a changeling in your place:
Mischief enacted with your face.
Fragrant blossoms made of lace
Elderflower will keep you safe.
And so this ale we give to you,
Lest moonlit eve you come to rue.

AROMA Floral / Fruity
CHARACTER Tart / Spicy
A.B.V. 5.3%
PAIRS WITH Fish tacos / Roast chicken / Charcuterie

Brewed with Elderflowers picked in the Fraser Valley, Moon Blossom Saison was fermented with a multi-culture of wild cultures and a French Saison yeast. It is floral with a lemony tartness and spicy white pepper like finish.

HOPS Elderflowers
MALT Pilsner / Canadian Wheat
YEAST French Saison / Opportunistic Lactobacillus / a blend of Brettanomyces
IBU 12
OG 1.047

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