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Strange Fellows Brewing’s Limited Release of Lutin, Barrel-Aged Wild Ale

We have a limited release beer today (Friday, March 13th) at our tasting room and at the liquor stores on Monday, March 16th:

Lutin, Barrel-Aged Wild Ale

Alcohol: 6.0% // IBU: 18 // OG: 1.054

Aroma: White grape and Riesling wine,
Character: Dry, and tart with bright fruit and lemon
Colour: Straw
Hops: Sterling, Centennial, Saaz
Malt: Wheat and Canadian Pilsner malt
Yeast: Blaugies and Brettanomyces

This dry bright Saison was aged in white wine barrels with a unique Brettanomyces yeast culture. The result is a beer, with flavours reminiscent of white grape, bright fruit, and lemon/lime. This tart saison is complex without being heavy.

Pairing: Salty Asian foods, Sushi, White fish.

We also have 3 events coming up this month:

Strange Skills: Visible Mending Workshop, March 22nd

Strangely Trivial Trivia Night, March 26th

Strange Art Session, March 30th

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