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Strange Fellows Brewing Releasing Sororitas Hazy Pale Ale

We have a new release coming out this Friday, March 5th!

Sororitas Hazy Pale Ale

Meaning “Sisterhood”, Sororitas celebrates all champions of women’s rights to live free from violence; discrimination, & slavery; to be educated; to own property’ to vote’ to work & to earn and equal wage’ to bodily integrity and autonomy; & to reproductive rights. This aromatic hazy pale ale, featuring the Pink Boots hop blend, is the 2nd in our Helping Hands Series & aids women in our community who need a little support.

Proceeds from sales will be donated to Vancouver’s Wish Drop-in Center Society. Additionally proceeds from the purchase of the Pink Boots hop blend are donated to women’s causes by the Pink Boots Society.

Sororitas highlights the characteristics of the unique hop varieties that make up the Pink Boots hop blend. These include a rich and creamy mouth feel and juicy, tropical flavour.

  • Pairing: Fish and Chips, fish tacos,  
  • Alcohol: 5.0% 
  • IBU: 25 
  • OG: 1.051
    • Aroma: Citrus, creamy. 
    • Flavour: Tropical fruit, white grape, creamy coconut.  
    • Character: Silky mouthfeel, smooth, soft, Juicy,  
    • Colour: Hazy and opaque straw 
    • Hops: Pink Boots blend (includes: Sabro, Cashmier, Atanum, Citra, Laural) 
    • Malt: Canadian Pilsner, Wheat, Oats 
    • Yeast: Foggy London 

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