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Strange Fellows Brewing Releases BOTANIK Gin Gose

Strange Fellows Brewing

Strange Fellows’ is pleased to release the much-anticipated BOTANIK Gin Gose just in time for warmer weather. Available as of Friday May 24th in 473ml cans, Botanik is unlikely to last long.

Gin Gose
Refreshing / Salty / Aromatic

Gliding silently over the earth, entwining the roots of all things since time began, Snake is considered one of the wisest beings, endowed with the power to poison, heal or expand consciousness. He is revered as the guardian of botanical knowledge and earthly gatekeeper of the secret of immortality. A sip of the German- style sour may induce transcendence while mesmerizing with the gin-inspired flavours of Juniper berries, Black Lime and Coriander. Refreshing with a slight saltiness and dry finish, Botanik is just the thing with which to contemplate a higher state of being.

COLOUR Hazy Golden
AROMA Lime, Juniper, Coriander
CHARACTER Tart and fruity with a slight refreshing saltiness
BREWER’S NOTES This is our aromatic twist on a Gose – a traditional German sour and salty wheat beer style. It was brewed with a variety of botanicals often found in Gin, including coriander, juniper berries, and black limes, giving it a distinct fruity, spicy and herbal character. A dry and slightly salty finish make this beer extremely refreshing and a perfect way to keep cool on a summer afternoon.
FOOD PAIRING Fish tacos, grilled porkchops, Greek salad
A.B.V. 4.6%
OG 1.047

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