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Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Boris Russian Imperial Stout 2019

BORIS RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT 🦉  Swift & Silent, Owl glides through the dark, his screech believed to portend death and misfortune. Some revere him as a messenger of the spirit world. An oracle of secret knowledge. Inspired by Owl’s omniscience, this barrel-aged stout penetrates the inky depth of the soul, illuminating unseen truths. ⁠

First Brewed by the British for Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, this beer style is as rich in history as it is in character. ⁠

Aged a year in Buffalo Trace barrels and a recipe heavy in roast and dark malts this 10.3% stout has an assertive backbone. Suggestions of dark dried fruits add complexity and peat smoked barley lends a scotch like nose.⁠

To celebrate our new release of our Boris 2019, for a very limited time we’ll be offering a vertical flight of Boris 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.⁠

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