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Strange Fellows Brewing Releases Boris Arabica

BORIS ARABICA Coffee Imperial Stout
Smooth / Coffee /Rich

Lost in the woods, a weary traveler stumbled upon a great horned bird sitting on a bush covered with red berries. Encouraged by the bird’s knowing gaze the man picked a berry & chewed it, then overcome by an extraordinary euphoria & clear vision of his path, he walked all night, returning home with tales of the strange bird & a pocketful of magic berries. Smooth & rich with complex layers of coffee, chocolate, bourbon & dark malts, this rich ale is brewed for early birds & night owls alike.

COLOUR Inky Black
AROMA Coffee / Vanilla / Chocolate / Peaty malt
CHARACTER Smooth / Rich
A.B.V. 10.3%
PAIRS WITH Rich chocolate desserts / Bacon pancakes with maple syrup / Fried breakfast

RELEASE DATE Friday, January 21st (available at Strange Fellows only)

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