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Steamworks Brewing Releases Nitro Stout

Burnaby, B.C. (October 26th, 2018)

Steamworks is at the launchpad, ready for liftoff of their first-stage tall can release of NITRO Stout. NITRO beers will be an ongoing series of nitrogenated beers from Steamworks. The beer is made possible by state-of-the-art equipment which allows Steamworks to fuel their beer with nitrogen, a process that gives NITRO a distinct cascading pour, plus a creamy body and head.

Stout is the style of beer most traditionally associated with nitrogenated beers. It’s perfect for the cooler fall weather, full bodied but surprisingly modest in alcohol despite its dark appearance. Steamworks’ NITRO Stout pours a cascading jet black with a thick tan head and offers up a creamy, full bodied flavour of roasted barley as well as notes of coffee and chocolate. NITRO is sure to please stout lovers but also craft drinkers looking to try something different, who may be new to the dark beer category.

Steamworks brewmaster Julia Hanlon expands on the new release “We’re very excited to be launching our new NITRO series with the release of the NITRO Stout. A lot of experimentation and effort went into the beer and we’re thrilled with how it turned out and are looking forward to releasing other beers in the series in the months ahead!”

Available in a tall can 4 pack format with striking intergalactic branding, Steamworks NITRO Stout will be released today at Steamworks’ Burnaby taproom and Gastown liquor store and will be hitting liquor store shelves throughout BC next week.

Marketing Manager – Justin Van Mulligen

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