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Steamworks Brewing Co. Turns 25 Years Old & Releases New Steam Beer

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Steamworks’ aptly named Steam Beer is the first of four 25th Anniversary brews coming to BC’s craft beer community this year along with a line of limited-edition merchandise adorning the brand’s original logo. The result of the latest in product innovation, this refreshing pre-prohibition style lager combines 25 years of brewing expertise with carefully selected, boundary pushing ingredients from three Pacific Northwest suppliers.

Fritz Pilsner malt and Copeland Vienna malt from Skagit Valley Malting provide Steam Beer with its’ clean flavour and bright appearance; while Great Western Malting’s Caramel Steam malt, produced in a specialized kiln rather than a traditional roasting drum, adds a deeper, rounded malt character. Yakima Chief Hops’ American Noble™ blends target specific oil ratios, achieving flavor and aroma profiles with more nuance than typically found in U.S. grown hops.

Steam Beer is notable for its’ rounded malt character, well structured bitterness, and a distinctive pop of yeast character that makes this beer truly unique, pouring a beautiful brilliant gold colour with a crisp white head at 5.1% ABV and 25 IBU. Available in stores at the end of March.

 About Steamworks Brewing Company 

For 25 years, Steamworks has been at the forefront of craft brewing, innovation, and taste. Named after the central steam system that powers its’ Gastown brewhouse and world-famous steam clock in Vancouver B.C. Steamworks proudly brews distinct, delicious, and award-winning craft beers. For more information visit us at

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