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Steamworks Brewery & Sartori Hop Farm Collaborate on The Hop Attack Fresh Hop IPA

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Steamworks Brewery & Sartori Hop Farm Collaborate on The Hop Attack Fresh Hop IPA

“4 Hours From Farm To Kettle”

Hop Attack MonsterThis seasonal, dry hopped IPA’s ingredients are completely sourced within 500km of the Steamworks Brewery. This collaboration beer is brewed using entirely BC hops and malts from BC hop grower Chris Sartori. Using fresh Centennial Hops, this vibrant, floral brew exudes a citrus, earthy aroma. Round that out with a pale and honey malt and a beautiful balance is created. Pouring a rich topaz, this quaffable beer is sure to please even the biggest of hop heads.

Watch for the Hop Attack to be available at the Steamworks Brewery and BC craft retailers in late September, 2015.

Official Release:

Vancouver BC, September 29th, 2015
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, the hops are attacking! The fall harvest is here and Steamworks is frantically brewing their new Hop Attack Fresh Hop IPA, a limited release seasonal beer featuring exclusively BC ingredients.

The extremely tight harvesting window for fresh hops mean the making of this special seasonal brew is a mad race against the clock to get the hops from the farm into the kettle as fast as possible. Steamworks newly appointed brewmaster Julia Hanlon accomplished this feat in under 6 hours. “It’s a lot of hard work but the result is a vibrant, floral brew that exudes a citrus, earthy aroma and comes with a fresh, clean taste unlike the bitterness normally associated with IPA’s.” says Hanlon. Fresh Hopped beers are a perennial favourite of hardcore and casual beer drinkers alike and Hop Attack surely won’t disappoint.

Hop Attack is the newest offering in a line of Steamworks’ limited release collaboration brews. This time around, Hanlon collaborated closely with hop grower Chris Sartori of Sartori Hop Farm in Chilliwack.

For those looking to get some fresh hops in their lives, it is now available in a 650ml bottle at private licensed retail stores and on tap at the Steamworks Taproom, Brewpub and in bars and restaurants across the lower mainland.


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