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Stanley Park Brewing Releases Pump The Caribbean Hazy IPA

Transport Yourself to a Tropical Oasis from your Local Patio with
Stanley Park Brewing’s Pump the Caribbean Hazy IPA

As the latest addition to their sapling series, Stanley Park Brewing has launched Pump The Caribbean Hazy IPA. Coming in at 6.6% Alc/Vol and 37 IBU, Pump the Caribbean is a super tropical Hazy IPA pumped up with additions of pineapple puree and Sabro hops, that give it a strong coconut flavour. “I found that Sabro tends to be a little more on the coconut side and don’t have quite enough of that pineapple flavour, so we added mosaic, commit and crystal hops. I found that commit hops have a pineapple forward note and mosaic hops have a mango/pineapple component to them and crystal hops add citrus to cut through it. We added the pineapple puree during fermentation, keeping the top end notes of pineapple and not so much of the sweetness,” shared Brewmaster Thom Riley.

He went on to explain that Sabro hops are a really interesting hop variety as they are basically a piña colada in a hop. “It’s exciting when hops have a literal translation into the beer and we’ve seen some piña colada beers come from that but wanted to take it to another level, so we thought to add pineapple puree in there to pump up the tropical nature. With Pump The Caribbean we identified a gap in flavour with a hop variety with coconut and some pineapple and we want to figure out how can we pump up the pineapple to match the coconut. I am super happy with how it turned out.”

As the hub of innovation where the team experiments with recipes and flavours, this brew was originally developed at the Stanley Park Brewpub, and is the follow up to Stanley Park Brewing’s Pump The Tropix Hazy IPA release from last summer. Although not originally intended to be a series, the Stanley Park brewers wanted to see where they could take the Caribbean element. In discussing flavour profiles and what they wanted to get out of the beer, they kept coming back to ‘how can we pump this up?’ to make them bolder with flavour notes. The series grew from there.

In describing his personal motivations for this brew, Brewmaster Thom Riley said, “I love inspiring people who wouldn’t traditionally drink beer and finding ways for them to enjoy it. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of how we can take classic cocktails and translate them to beer. If you think about it, when cocktails are being created, you combine specific spirits or flavours together to get a particular feeling, we look at our ingredients in the same way to see how we can construct that.”

A great summer beer that, at a time when travel is limited, can transport you to a tropical oasis from the comfort of your local patio, balcony or garden. Bring the Caribbean to you and that feeling of being on vacation to your glass. Get your Pump The Caribbean Hazy IPA at select liquor stores across British Columbia. You can also order from the Stanley Park Brewstore with free local beer delivery in Vancouver.

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