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Seasonal Brews Coming Your Way From Spinnaker’s

Three Seasonal Brews to Watch for From Spinnaker’s Brewery

Some old favourite brews from Spinnaker’s and a new offering in the mix. Regardless there are new, updated labels for the works. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for new beer at your local liquor store.


unnamed (2)To be released in October

Uber Blonde Strong Belgian Ale

A Perennial release for the darker months, our Uber Blonde signals the changing of the seasons. Canadian Pilsen malt and Belgian yeast combine to create a robust, spicy, full flavoured blonde ale. Chase away the grey with a lusty blonde!
8.2% 16 IBU





unnamed (3)To be released in October

Titanic Stout

Patterned after the classic Imperial Stouts brewed around the shipyards of northern England, this is a strong stout, refined, rich and aromatic, designed to withstand the rigors of long distance travel.
7.75% 28 IBU





unnamed (4)To be released in November

Belgian Porter

A beer with an identity crisis. Stuck somewhere between a London Porter and a Belgian Dark Ale, Reve de Londres possesses a Dark, complex malt centric body with spicy, fruity, Belgian Abbey yeast notes. Dedicated to all those brewers who dream of one day brewing in the Old World. Sante.
6.0% 25 IBU

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