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Spinnaker's Brewery Titanic Stout

Seasonal Brew Releases from Spinnaker’s: The Titanic Stout and Uber Blonde

Spinnaker’s Gastro Brewpub out of Victoria BC is celebrating 30 years of brewing and in that 30 years there have been a lot of delicious brews. With such heritage and with each passing year the re-release of core Spinnaker’s brews is a highly anticipated event. In the coming weeks we will be seeing two BC favourites hit the shelves of craft beer retailers across the province. These two beers are the Titanic Stout and the Uber Blonde. As a full bodied Stout verging on the Imperial classification this is a go-to beer for the cooler days ahead. Likewise the Uber Blonde is a Belgian Strong Ale with a big 8% ABV and a flavour to match.

Keep and eye out for these two beers at your favourite craft retailer very soon!

Spinnaker's Brewery Titanic Stout

Spinnaker's Brewery Uber Blonde

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