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Scandal Brewing Launches 7 Wonders Series

One of the recent additions to the shelves of BC beer retailers is a quaint stubby bottle that may contain an Organic Ale or Organic Lager. This is the Scandal Brewery out of Prince George and they have something new to show us. Today a press release went out launching the all new Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout. Clearly a diversion from the first two releases this will be available in a resealable bottle at an 8.5% ABV.

Watch for the Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout on the craft beer shelves soon and a full review on


March 11th, 2013

VANCOUVER, BC-Seven natural wonders, seven natural brews, each beer a reflection of the character of its namesake – the really awesome, the truly bad ass and the most unforgettable sights. As a tribute to the planet’s most extraordinary features, Scandal Brewing presents the equivalent wonders of the beer world – each a rare and formidable taste experience, brewed in small batches from only the finest organic ingredients and pure BC spring water.

The first of these magnificent beers is Sugarloaf Chocolate Imperial Stout, an earthy salute to the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, largest bay in the world, surrounded by granite monoliths such as the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. Only an 8.5% alc./vol. Chocolate Imperial Stout could do justice to the dark past of Brazil’s cacao market.

Brazilian cultivation of the caffeinated plant has mysteriously declined over the past two decades. An homage to the country’s once plentiful cacao production this stout is concocted from a combination of aromatic specialty malts, slowly roasted until caramelized and BC grown two-row barley malt. Creating a smooth and potent brew with distinct dark chocolate notes that finish on a hint of fresh roasted coffee. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the patio or warming up by the fire, the ebony tinted Sugarloaf will complement a hearty stew as delightfully as a chocolate cheesecake.

The first in a series of limited releases this is the brewery’s inaugural single serving bottle and features hand-painted designs and a re-sealable swing-top bottle for enjoyment over a number of sessions. Available now at select liquor stores throughout BC. Watch for the Sugarloaf and the other wonders coming soon to your favourite beer retailer. But be warned: They will be as scarce as they are wonderous. So enjoy them while you can – to the last sip.