Pacific Western Brewing – Scandal Organic Ale


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  • Brewery: Scandal Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Amber Ale
  • Pros:

    Organically brewed Amber Ale

  • Cons:

    Harshness to the flavour

  • Conclusion:

    A light Amber Ale that appeals to the new craft drinker

Pacific Western Brewing – Scandal Organic Ale Review

The Scandal Brewing Ale is organic. It appears through the glass amber in colour and is a thin head that disperses quickly and without a trace. The aroma is strong of malt with a touch of caramel that adds sweetness. Tasting the beer it is lightly carbonated and tastes of a toasted caramel with a strong and defined malt base. The flavour is a bit on the harsh side and does not have the smoothness of a traditional craft amber ale. The stubby bottle is nice and I like the fact that this is organic but the flavour and price fall short of many comparable beers. This is not a bad tasting beer but there are alternatives with more to offer.

Alcohol – 5%
Size – 341ml
Price – $12.49 – 6 Pack (BCL)

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    […] recent additions to the shelves of BC beer retailers is a quaint stubby bottle that may contain an Organic Ale or Organic Lager. This is the Scandal Brewery out of Prince George and they have something new to […]

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  2. Dan
    Dan 9 August, 2013, 18:29

    A shortage of my favorites at the local store, so I figured I would give PWB another try after many a “Mass Brew disguised as independent” letdowns from them in the past..

    The “Organic” and “Bavarian Hops” got me thinking maybe they actually brewed something that a European beer connoisseur would consider “Naturally Brewed” or as it should be w Water, Hops, Barley, Yeast..

    The “Harsh after Taste” is surely due, as I can tell in a mouthful or two there is much more in it they don’t want to advertise on the label, not just “Organic Hops, Malts and BC Spring Water..” If you come across one, let it warm up to where you can taste the myriad of additives etc in it..

    Take that as a dare Pacific Western.. Brew something where you put ALL the ingredients on the label, like 98% of what’s sold in Europe.. Fat Chance..

    Definitely not worth the “Organic-Washed” pricetag..

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    • Baz
      Baz 9 January, 2014, 11:29

      Dan you are so right the so called Organic beer brewed in North America is a joke. If they had to label all ingredients here no one would buy it. I never get a hangover from drinking most beer brewed in Europe for the Europeans. Also beer should have a head that does not disperses quickly and without a trace.

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  3. Gisela Lange
    Gisela Lange 31 March, 2018, 12:47

    To whom it may concern: Scandal Organic Ale, thy BEST tasting Beer on the market…Cheers to that!
    We truly regret not getting the beer in the local liquor store. Lets hope very soon! Yeah…especially ORGANIC!
    Thank you kindly.
    Gisela Lange

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