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Red Truck Ridin Shotgun Belgian Blonde

Red Truck Beer Launches Ridin’ Shotgun Belgian Blonde Ale

Red Truck Ridin Shotgun Belgian BlondeRed Truck Beer Launches Ridin’ Shotgun Belgian Blonde Ale

The Red Truck Beer “Ridin’ Shotgun”- Belgian Blonde Ale( 6% abv) is a medium bodied strong ale. It’s light hop aroma and golden colour (with pillowy white head of foam) is fruit forward with a moderately dry finish. It’s mellow honey like sweetness is followed by a hint of cloves. The alcohol is more present, giving it a small amount of heat and a balancing bitterness. This smooth and subtle beer has a light spritz feel, followed by a sweet creaminess in the finish

Watch for this beer to be available in BC craft liquor stores and on draught in select Greater Vancouver locations now.

Commercial description:

Red Truck Limited Belgian Blonde Ale aka Ridin Shotgun

Like hitting the weekend road with a great companion, this beer is inspired by sunlit adventure and long drives with someone great by your side. Here’s to spring and summer just around the corner. Smooth and subtle, this beer has a medium body with a light dry finish. Aroma is of fruity esters and a touch of spice.

Alcohol: 6.0% abv
Style of Beer: Belgian Blonde Ale

Food Pairings: Roast Chicken, white fish and and what sauce pastas, frites and fried dishes. Exceptional pairing for steamed, marinated mussels, grilled lobster tail, and gamier meats such as venison or wild boar.

Brewed: January 1, 2015

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