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Ravens Brewing Company Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale Label

Ravens Brewing Co. Announces New Smoked Scotch Ale

Ravens Brewing Company Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale LabelRavens Brewing Company to Release the Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale as Part of New Heritage Series

We are pleased to announce a new line of beer, Heritage Series. This Friday, March 24, in conjunction with The Reach Gallery Museum, different styles of beer will be paired with historical photographs from the museums archives to showcase local history. Our first of this new line is the Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale.

Drawing on the deep Scottish roots of the area, Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale reflects the smoke, fires, and soot that were the economic driver at the turn of the century. Clayburn was founded by Charles Maclure, the son a royal Engineer and Surveyor of Scottish descent. From the rail lines that brought wood and brick in out of the area to the kilns that fired bricks to supply the growing cities of the lower mainland, Clayburn and the surrounding area were integral to the development of British Columbia. Smouldering smoke rises over dark caramel and a rich malty backbone, leaving you with a smooth and decadent finish.

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