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Raise a Glass to Women In Beer! – Launching Big Jan Wears Pink Boots

Stanley Park Brewing Pays Tribute to Assistant Brewer’s Mom with Pink Boots Collaboration Brew for International Women’s Day

Rachel Young, Assistant Brewer

For the 4th year in a row, Stanley Park Brewing is launching a Pink Boots Collaboration Brew. Big Jan Wears Pink Boots, is a delicious, sessionable Hazy IPA in tribute to Assistant Brewer, Rachel Young’s mother Jan. Coming in at 6.3% Alc./Vol. and 29 IBU, it showcases the 2021 Pink Boots hop blend, featuring notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and a hint of pine.

Jan worked hard for over 50 years in nursing and was named Big Jan by everyone who loved her. She worked hard but she laughed even harder! “Big Jan was my mum, and she was a huge impact on my life,” shared Stanley Park Brewing Assistant Brewer Rachel Young. “She never told us that we couldn’t do something because I was a woman or because I was smaller. It was all about, if you want it you can go out and achieve it and don’t tell anyone that you can’t do it.”

All proceeds of the brew go to the Pink Boots Society, to help support women in brewing. The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire, and encourage women and/or non-binary individuals in the fermented and alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers. Over the years Stanley Park Brewing is proud to have donated thousands of dollars to help in the education of future women in brewing.

Rachel’s own journey included using the Pink Boots society as a resource when she was first interested in brewing. “I had been brewing in East Vancouver where I worked my way through from the tasting room and onto the production floor. One of my former bosses there had been a brewer too and she encouraged me to learn more about the creative side of beer and introduced me to the Pink Boots Society and all the help they can give women who want to get into the industry. It’s a great resource.”

“Now in my position at Stanley Park Brewing, I recognize that we have a brewery that’s in the heart of a major city in Canada, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and we need to show that we are up to the challenge of promoting everyone in the work,” explained Rachel. “Traditional and economically, it’s been a very male dominated industry and women have always been a little overshadowed in that. Getting more women means more variety because they have a different point of view and they’ll bring different things to the table every single time. I feel really honoured that I can contribute to something that actually helps inspire and encourage other women; and my family is tickled that this is something that other people get to enjoy and they get to learn about who she was as a woman, because she was pretty damn amazing.”

The graphic design of the can is almost a splitting image of an inspiration photograph of Big Jan. From the stories that Rachel shares, this is the way that everyone would know Big Jan. Sitting out in a lawn chair, enjoying beautiful day and a cold beer. It also includes Norman the Spoodle next to her on the label as he was the one who helped nurse Jan when it was her turn to be taken care of. Big boots to fill for sure!

You can get your hands on our International Women’s Day collaboration brew at the Stanley Park Restaurant & Brewpub or order online Big Jan Wears Pink Boots here.

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