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Phillips Brewing launches Vancouver-based rideshare program

VANCOUVER, BC, April 1, 2019 – Phillips Brewing Company is ‘gearing-up’ to launch its new, surprisingly left-field project: a ridesharing program known as “Phüber”.

Finally freed from the prohibition on ride-sharing services, the Victoria-based brewery is giving Vancouverites their first taste of a modern transit option with its newest project, Phüber.

“Phillips has taken the wheel in an effort to help modernize the transportation options available to Vancouverites,“ said Matt Phillips, owner, Phillips Brewing Company. “Our main concern is to provide a way for craft-beer drinkers to enjoy their beer and get home responsibly, safely, and easily. It has been a long time coming for Vancouver residents, with other rideshare options tangled in legislative red tape.”

At launch, Phüber’s driving fleet will consist of a lone 2006 Pontiac Wave known around the brewery as the “Electric Unicorn.”  A narwhal-sized unicorn horn proudly adorns the top of the windshield, with lightning and lasers firing across the hood and along the sides of the deep purple steed. The magnificent, if somewhat dilapidated beast, will be piloted by part-time warehouse worker Dave Ball, who is excited for this new role.

“You feel that?” yelled Ball over the electrified country-rock riffs blaring from the stereo. “It’s the turbo. Most people don’t know about that. It’s money, eh?”

Though the Phüber app is still in its development phase, Phüber users will be able to access the Electric Unicorn via Ball’s personal cell phone number (778-819-2141), but are advised to call and leave a message, as his Nokia 9000i does not support SMS or WiFi. Responses may be delayed, as parking in Vancouver can be challenging, and Dave will need pull over in a safe parking spot before retrieving messages.

Vancouverites can expect to begin seeing Phüber safely transporting users as of early April.


Founded by Matt Phillips on credit cards in 2001, Phillips Brewing Company is a regional craft brewer located in Victoria, BC Canada.  From humble beginnings, the environmentally focused brewery now features 15 full-time brews, including the highly acclaimed Blue Buck Ale and Electric Unicorn IPA, and is one of the only craft brewers in North America to feature a malting facility on-site. Despite the rapid growth, the same renegade passion that inspired a young brewer to bootstrap a brewery on credit cards continues to be the driving force in everything they do today.

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