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Phillips Launches 12th Anniversary Monkey Drummer Ale

Release by Phillips Brewing Company

Monkey Drumming on a Twisted Oak Barrel

Introducing our 12th Anniversary Ale and the second Twisted Oak Seasonal

July 16th – A birthday and a barrel highlight this tandem of Phillips seasonal releases.

We blow the candles out on 12 years of brewing in August but the taxman cuts off the joy of beer at 12%; to keep with our theme of matching the abv with our birthday, we’re forced to celebrate our anniversary a little early this year, and are proud to release fMonkey Drummer and the Incomplete Octave for our 11.9 Anniversary– it’s an 11.9% gorilla hop bomb!  We’re also dipping into the cellar with our Twisted Oak Rye Barrel Aged Bock, the second seasonal release in the barrel-aged Twisted Oak series.  Full-bodied and sweet, this beer was built for the snifter and finishes with just a hint of spice.

On Thursday July 18th from 4pm-6pm, we’ll be hosting a very special tasting of these two seasonal releases at the brewery, so please come down and celebrate with us.

Here’s a little breakdown of each brew:

Electric Unicorn White IPA

11.9% – 650mL

It’s almost our birthday! To celebrate being precariously close to a dozen years of beer-making monkey business, we’re releasing Monkey Drummer & the Incomplete Octave–our Almost 12th Anniversary Ale.

Following in the same vein as previous Anniversary ales, the Almost 12th Anniversary pours almost 12% ABV, tipping the scales at 11.9%. Full-bodied and absolutely loaded with hops, this beer is a Gorilla hop heavyweight.

If you want to get your fill of this drum fill, you can pick up Monkey Drummer at craft-focused private liquor stores for a limited time.




Raspberry Wheat Ale
6.5% – 650mL

Using generous portions of lightly-kilned rye malt, this robust bock spent its infancy cold-fermenting in stainless steel tanks before aging in selected rye barrels still wet from the distillery.  Round, roasted sweetness mingles with warm vanilla and finishes with a hint of spice.  Enjoy at cellar temperature (4C).

Our second seasonal in the Twisted Oak barrel-aging project, the Rye barrel-aged Bock is available at finer cold beer & wine stores for a limited time only.  For more information on this beer, head over to

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