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Pucker Plucker Sour Ale

Phillips Brewing’s New Pucker Plucker Sour Cherry Ale Hits The Streets


Pucker Plucker Sour AlePucker Plucker Sour AlePucker Plucker Sour Cherry Ale – 6.3% – 650mL

July 18th, 2016 – Pucker up, our Sour Note Series is back with this sour cherry ale. Lactobacillus bacteria provides a sour sucker punch to a medium bodied brew that has been gently sweetened with fresh cherry juice.

Pours a hazy orange colour with a frothy white head. Sour tart on the nose with flavours of cherry up front, finishing with a soft bready spice note. It’s like sour cherry pie!

This special brew is available from craft-focused private liquor stores for a very limited time. Quantities are limited, and in an effort to maximize your chance at grabbing one we decided to forgo the tasting this time around and bottle every single drop.

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