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Phillips Brewing Co. - Black Jackal 2014 Release

Phillips Brewing’s Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout Returns!

Phillips Brewing Co. - Black Jackal 2014 Release

Black Jackal Imperial Coffee Stout Re-Released from Phillips Brewing Co.

Phillips Brewing Co. - Black Jackal 2014 ReleaseDecember 1st, 2014: Coffee stouts have always held a  special place in our hearts as one of the three original Phillips brews, and this year’s Imperial version–brewed in collaboration with our  friends at 2% Jazz Coffee Co.–is an 8% 650mL double shot!

Pouring a deep black earth colour with a medium tan head, this beer is brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans and then finished with a second coffee addition just prior to packaging.  The flavour is a java-laden journey featuring bright coffee aromas and dry roasted flavours accented with hints of dark chocolate.  Methodically crafted with only the best local coffee, this one-eyed Jackal is no wildcard.

Available at finer craft-friendly private liquor stores as well as BC Liquor Stores for a limited time only.

If you’d like to taste the magic that can happen when you combine roasted coffee beans with malted barley, we’d like to to invite you to pop by the brewery on December 4th from 4-6 for a special draft tasting.


Release from: Phillips Brewing Company

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