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Phillips Brewing Benefit Brew Winners 2014

Phillips Brewery Announces 2014 Benefit Brew Charity Winners


Two Winners for 2014 in the Phillips Benefit Brew!

November 17th, 2014 – The votes are in and the result was so close between the Victoria Humane Society and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society that we’ve decided to have them both win!  Plus, a judicial recount is just too much work.

Since the Vic Humane Society had the razor edge lead after the first count we’re going to brew their paired beer–a Dunkelweizen–but we’re going to brew double the amount.  Half will be released in BC as the Vic Humane Society Brew, with the other half finding its way to Alberta as the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society Brew.  Full proceeds from the sale of each will be donated to their causes (~$10,000 each!).

Here is a little snapshot of the incredible work that each of these groups do:

Victoria Humane Society is a registered charity created in 2013 to fill a gap in animal welfare services on Vancouver Island. Its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, neglected and surrendered animals. In their first year of operation we successfully helped over 450 animals find their forever homes.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society’s(AARCS) mission is to improve the lives of animals by rescuing and providing sanctuary to abandoned, surrendered or abused animals. They also promote responsible guardianship, and advocate on behalf of all animals.

STAY TUNED for each of the Benefit Brew Dunkelweizens, expected to be released in mid-January.

We would also like to thank everyone who nominated, voted and participated in the project this year; especially the other finalists. They all do incredible work and for participating as a finalist each will receive a $500 donation. Please check them out below and consider lending your support.

For more information on the project, or to make sure you’re notified about key project dates, head over to WWW.BENEFITBREW.COM.

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