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Parkside Brewery Dusk Pale Ale

Parkside Brewery Announces Their Launch Beer Lineup

Parkside Brewery Opens With Core Beer Lineup of 3 Brews

Parkside Brewery has opened their doors and in the process launched three beers in their core lineup. Spanning the likes of BC craft beer drinkers the Parkside “Bench” of beers consists of an easy drinking Pilsner, a Pale Ale and a hop-forward IPA.

Parkside Brewery Dawn Pilsner
Parkside Brewery – Dawn Pilsner

The Parkside Dawn Pilsner is named after the golden light that rises over Coquitlam each clear morning and basks Port Moody in warming light. As golden is the morning sun the Dawn Pilsner too evokes a feeling of morning dew freshness. This Pilsner is classically crafted and a delicate balance of malt character and subtle hop tones.

Parkside Brewery Dusk Pale AleParkside Brewery – Dusk Pale Ale

As the morning starts with Dawn (Pilsner) it ends with dusk. The Dusk Pale Ale is a balanced pale ale with a sessionable character, light northwest hop flavour and a smooth malt base. This beer is easy drinking and you may find that it is difficult to wait for the sun to set before the Dusk Pale Ale makes an appearance.

Parkside Brewery Graffiti IPA
Parkside Brewery – Graffiti IPA

Hop Heads do not fret. If between Dawn and Dusk there is not a beer that suits your bitter tongue you can hold out for the Graffiti IPA. While you may think that the graffiti artist comes out at night this beer is balanced at any time of day. A strong hop character gives a distinct bitterness to the Graffiti IPA with a combination of traditional English hop tones and a kick of northwest flavour. This IPA is not way out there though and remains balanced and easy going. You may want to wash it down with another.

To try the Parkside Brewery “Bench” of beers stop by their brewery in Port Moody, they may even have some additional brews waiting for you.

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