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Pacific Western Brewery Adds Pacific Kölsch to Beer Roster

Banner-950x420-Kolsch-NuBURNABY (Aug. 1, 2013) – BC-based Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) is proud to announce the summer launch of the newest member of its growing family of Pacific beers – Pacific Kölsch.


The Prince George-based brewery’s president and owner Kazuko Komatsu says: “The PWB team is very excited about the launch of Pacific Kölsch. It joins Pacific Schwarzbock and Pacific Pilsner as the family’s third 473 ml canned product, a size that helps meet the steady demand for summertime refreshment.“At a mild strength of 4.5% ABV, Pacific Kölsch is an easy drinking West Coast tribute to the German style of beer making that dates to the Middle Ages. Our German brewmaster Henryk Orlik has delivered an unfiltered classic and it is available now in select liquor stores across the province.”

Orlik says his latest masterpiece is brewed with one eye on summer and the other on lifestyle.

Henryk Orlik PWB Brewmaster “It’s no secret that British Columbians are all about the outdoors. Trees and water are two of our greatest natural resources and we wanted to craft a beer that would enhance the feeling of relaxation you get from getting the most out of summer.”

“Kölsch is one of the world’s oldest styles of German beer,” Orlik says. “Pacific Kölsch is made using our pure Rocky Mountain spring water, 100 per cent BC pilsner malt, Hallertau hops, and our uniquely cultivated yeast. The result is a timeless brew that pairs best with West Coast classics like cedar smoked salmon, albacore tuna salad, and good times.”

PWB’s brewmaster adds: “Pacific Kölsch is a light West Coast beer reminiscient of the classic Kellerbier. In German that means ‘cellar beer’ and it dates back to the time when Kölsch was naturally cloudy because it contained more of its original brewing yeast and vitamins in suspension.”

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