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Old Yale Brewing Company Logo

Old Yale Brewing Updates Look With Same Great Taste!

Old Yale Brewing Co - Rebranding

Old Yale Brewing Company blazing new trails in time for their 15th anniversary

Old Yale Brewing Company LogoNovember 7th, 2014 (Chilliwack, BC) – Based in Chilliwack, BC, Old Yale Brewing Company’s founding brew master, Larry Caza, can be considered one of the pioneers of the Canadian Craft Beer Industry. After 15-years of craft brewing success (including the most recent Canadian Brewing “Beer of Year” win for Sasquatch Stout), Old Yale Brewing Company is making some exciting announcements about their operation, including:

• The launch of two new products
• A significant increase in operational capacity and
• A new brand platform with striking new packaging creative for all of their products

New Products Launching

Old Yale Brewing Company is excited to launch two new products:

• The West Coast IPA boasts huge hop flavour with a balanced drinkability. Described as “Bold, hoppy goodness”, this IPA features over 50 pounds of the much sought after Citra and Galaxy hops. “Beer drinkers from all corners of the spectrum will really love this beer” explains Zach VanLeeuwen, Old Yale’s Operations Manager. “Balance and drinkability are at the core of what we do; our West Coast IPA has incredible hop flavour and aroma, along with a definite smooth and drinkable finish. The product has been receiving rave reviews”.

• The Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout is described as “slow, sweet & soul-warming”. The beer is created from the brewery’s award-winning stout recipe with the addition of a touch of Irish Cream to give a smooth, defined sweetness.

Operational Capacity

In March 2014, Old Yale Brewing Company was purchased by 2Story Group Inc., a privately-held Canadian company which owns, manages and invests in like-minded and strategically-sound businesses throughout North America. Since the acquisition, the new ownership group has made significant investments to improve the quality and consistency of the products, the efficiency of the operation, and to ensure product supply is available to meet increasing customer demand for their award-winning hand-crafted beers.

Same great taste, fresh new look!

The Old Yale Brewing Company’s products you have come to know and love will now be found in all new packaging shipping from the brewery as of today. “Hitting the 15 year mark in craft brewing is no small feat”, continues VanLeeuwen. “2014 has been a huge year for us so far, and we are beyond excited to share our brand re-launch with our fans and to potential reach a whole host of new customers”.

First, their reinvigorated Four Season Lineup celebrates the outdoors with tongue-in- cheek “outdoor activity badges” and backgrounds borrowed from mother-nature. The line-up includes four products in bomber bottles: Knotty Blonde, the new West Coast IPA, Off Trail Pale Ale and Moon Dance Mango Wheat plus a 355 mL Knotty Blonde can will be available in 6-packs later this year.

Adding to the mystery and adventure of the great outdoors, the Brewery’s Tall Tales Series celebrates the mythical beasts that might find their way into spooky campfire tales, including Canada’s 2014 Best Beer, the Sasquatch Stout and the unique Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout. Dark and haunting illustrations capture the essence of each “tall tale”, with stories about the mythical beasts on each label. The Sasquatch and the Banshee are currently available for order in bomber bottles plus a 473 mL Sasquatch Stout can will be available in 4-packs later this year.

The Brewery is also launching a new logomark and website. Named after the historic wagon road than ran from New Westminster through Chilliwack to Yale, BC, serving the Gold Rush in the late 1800’s, and later becoming one of the first incorporated roads in BC, the new logomark celebrates the brewery’s trailblazing spirit (and the great outdoors) with a stylized trailhead/signpost. Strategy, Brand Identity, Logomark and Packaging by Subplot Design Inc.

The new-look product will be available in retail stores later this month. Visit the Brewery’s Store Locator tool to find a licensed establishment or retail store near you Or, stop by the brewery for a tour and to fill your growler. Brewery is now open from 1 – 5 pm, Monday to Friday and is located at 7965 Venture Place #4 in Chilliwack.

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