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Old Yale Brewing Releases Mixed Sour 4-Pack

Old Yale Brewing, a craft brewery based in Chilliwack, BC, continues to blaze new trails using their 20 years of successful brewing (including Canadian Brewing “Beer of the Year” win Sasquatch Stout in 2014). Launching new innovative products that meet the growing consumer demand for great tasting craft beer.

Trailblazer Release

Today, Old Yale Brewing announced the release of two new Trailblazer Series beers: Black Currant Ginger Sour and Raspberry Lemon Berliner Weisse, in a brand new format for the Craft Brewery, a mix 4-pack. The Sour Berry Mixer will be available in 473ml tall cans, 2 of each brew.

“We’re so excited to delve back into the world of sour beers. We had come up with two really great sour recipes this past winter, and just couldn’t decide which to release this Summer. Easiest way to solve that problem was to release them both, as our first 4-pack mixer. Sour beers are light, tangy and refreshing and are perfectly suited to summertime enjoyment; we’re excited to put our own twist onto this ever-growing style for the Summer.” – stated Zach Van Leeuwan, General Manager, Old Yale Brewing.

Black Currant Ginger Sour

As bright in colour as it is in tart acidity, our Kettle Sour has deep dark fruit flavours and a subtle sweetness from the Black Currant. Rounding out this Summer brew is a hint of citrus with a lingering kick of fresh, earthiness from the Ginger.

ABV: 5.0%
Hops: Citra
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat

Raspberry Lemon Berliner Weisse

Our Berliner Weisse-inspired Sour has a refreshing, juicy Raspberry character with a subtle Lemon pucker finish. With its bright fuchsia hue, our crisp Summer Sour is the light, tart and fruity beer you’ve been searching for.

ABV: 4.0%
Hops: Citra
Malt: Pilsner, Wheat

“Although both of these beers are kettle sours, that is where the similarity between the two ends. We started with the Black Currant Ginger Sour, which we initially offered as a draught-only batch at the very beginning of 2019. With a deep magenta color and rich cassis flavour, its tartness is balanced with an earthy spice from the ginger. It is refreshing but decadent. To balance the dark fruit character, we present our Raspberry Lemon Berliner Weisse. Brewed to emulate the classic German style, this lower alcohol tart ale is accentuated with luscious Raspberry and a hint of Lemon. Together these provide the perfect combination of fresh Summer beers.”– said Brewmaster, Nick Fengler.

The brewery’s Sour Berry Mixer is available in 473ml 4-packs (2 of each brew) now in the Old Yale Tasting Room and will be hitting Private Liquor Store shelves in the next few weeks. Learn more here: Or, stop by the brewery for a taste!

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