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Old Yale Brewing Releases Dark Sour Mixer Pack

For Immediate Release

(Chilliwack, BC) – Old Yale Brewing, a craft brewery based in Chilliwack, BC, continues to blaze new trails using their 20+ years of successful brewing (including Canadian Brewing “Beer of the Year” win Sasquatch Stout in 2014). Launching new innovative products that meet the growing consumer demand for great tasting craft beer.

Trailblazer Release

After the successful launch of their Sour Berry Mixed Pack, Old Yale Brewing announced the release of two new Trailblazer Series beers: Dark Cherry Sour Stout and Kettle Sour Plum Porter. The Dark Sour Mixer, much like the Sour Berry Mixer, will be available in 473ml tall cans, 2 of each brew.

“Our Kettle Sour Plum Porter has always been a favourite of our customers and staff, so it was only natural that we wanted to include it in the 2nd edition of our “Sour Mixer” series. This time around we focused on the darker, deeper flavours that we all associate with winter beers, but with a refreshing sour tang.”– Zach Van Leeuwan, General Manager.

Dark Cherry Sour Stout

Inspired by Black Forest Cake, our Dark Cherry Sour Stout offers a rich deep malty body with chocolate flavours, balancing the acidic touch of sour Cherries. Deceptively drinkable and unexpected, this limited small batch release pairs perfectly with a cold, crisp Winter evening.

ABV: 5.0%
Hops: Magnum
Malt: Pale, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Carafa III, Crystal 80

Kettle Sour Plum Porter

Our dark Kettle Sour Plum Porter blends a robust and roasted malt character with a slight acidic bite. The tart flavour is echoed and enhanced by the addition of Italian Plums, making this complex limited small batch release the perfect companion on a dark and cool Winter’s night.

ABV: 6.0%
Hops: None
Malt: Pale, Crystal 40, Chocolate, Carafa III

“After such a huge positive response to our Sour Berry Mixer this Summer, we wanted to explore how we could utilize the tart and refreshing characteristics of a Sour in a darker beer. Of course, that meant returning to one of our first sours, Kettle Sour Plum Porter, originally brewed in 2017. It’s acidic bite is smoothed over with dark malts, and the bitter Italian Plums helps to give the beer an additional layer of complexity. While wanting to stay in the Dark Sour realm, we knew that Cherries were something that we wanted to use. Naturally, Black Forest Cake became the inspiration for this brew. Our Dark Cherry Sour Stout began as a luxurious chocolate milk stout, slightly soured, then conditioned on tart cherries, cacao and a touch of vanilla.”– Nick Fengler, Brewmaster.

The brewery’s Dark Sour Mixer is available in 473ml 4-packs (2 of each brew) now in the Old Yale Tasting Room and will be hitting Private Liquor Store shelves in the next few weeks. Learn more here: Or, stop by the brewery for a taste!

About Old Yale Brewing

Old Yale Brewing Company’s fresh perspective has been shaped by the pristine and breathtaking Chilliwack River Valley they call home. Seeking perfect balance using the finest, all-natural ingredients combined with Canada’s best drinking water, Old Yale’s high-quality hand-crafted and award-winning beers are best experienced (rather than explained).

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