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Old Yale Brewing Releases Cold India Pale Ale

Old Yale Brewing, a craft brewery based in BC’s adventure playground, Chilliwack, continues to blaze new trails using their 20+ years of successful brewing (including Canadian Brewing Awards “Beer of the Year” win for their Sasquatch Stout in 2014). Today, Old Yale Brewing announced the release of their newest Trailblazer beer, Cold India Pale Ale.

Beer Launching: Cold India Pale Ale  

ABV: 6%
Hops: Simcoe, Amarillo
Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Rice, Flaked Corn

“Our Trailblazer Series was created to explore bold new flavours and ingredients, and that’s exactly what this newest limited release offers. West Coast IPA meets Lager in our Cold IPA, a truly one-of-a-kind Trailblazer that we can’t wait for our customers to try.” – Heather Perdue, Brand & Marketing Strategist.

Our Cold IPA strives to balance the clean smooth body of a cold fermented Lager with the aromas of a traditional West Coast IPA. Grapefruit, Resin and Clementine are at the forefront with a delicate sweetness from the Barley, Rice and Corn.

“One of the latest styles to be gaining traction, Cold IPA’s, tend to find a balance between the characteristics of a smooth and crisp adjunct lager, and the big aromatic qualities of an IPA. More than just a heavily dry hopped pilsner, and not just an IPA fermented with Lager yeast, this is something all on its own. Brewed with rice and corn and fermented slow and cool to provide that distinct light and slightly sweet character of American Lagers, but following a hop regime similar to that of a Hazy IPA only this time using classic West Coast hops – Simcoe and Amarillo, our Cold India Pale Ale boasts a powerful hop bouquet of Ruby Grapefruit, Tangerine and Sweet Berries with a clean and smooth body and minimal lingering bitterness – allowing each of the ingredients to truly shine.” Nick Fengler, Brewmaster.

Cold India Pale Ale is available in 473ml 4-packs now in the Old Yale Tasting Room, Online for Delivery and Private Liquor Stores. Visit the Brewery’s Store Locator tool to find a licensed establishment or retail store near you at Or, stop by the brewery for a taste!

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