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New terpene craft beer unleashed by Incidents and Accidents

Vancouver, British Columbia — Lifted’s Super Lemon Hazy IPA is now available to consumers across B.C. A unique pairing of hops and plant terpenes. Brewed by the new and proudly independent brewing company, Incidents and Accidents, this standout IPA is unparalleled with its combination of B.C. Citra hops and plant-based terpenes.

Founded by Nathan Dunsmoor, Incidents and Accidents Brewing Company is focused on using plant and flower terpenes in conjunction with hops to create exciting flavour profiles, “I am extremely excited about my new brewing company and our plans to brew these new taste experiences for craft beer lovers,” says Dunsmoor.

Nathan’s approach combines plant-based terpenes with hand built recipes. For those who aren’t familiar, terpenes are the aromatic and flavourful components of essential oils and help to give plants their aroma and taste. With the emerging cannabis market in Canada, Nathan has tapped his 20 years of craft beer experience, launching the Lifted series of craft beers, using terpene blends from the Cannabaceae plant family, which includes hops, hackberries and related shrubs and flowers.

“Currently, Health Canada doesn’t allow for terpenes extracted from cannabis or hemp to be used in craft beer, so you won’t find cannabis terpenes in this brew — yet,” says Dunsmoor. “We are looking forward to the federal government’s regulation on cannabis beverages later this year and any opportunities to changes in current restrictions in hemp and hemp seeds.”

Combining terpenes from the Cannabaceae family allows for a wider array of flavour profiles and aromas for brewers across the country. “The Super Lemon Hazy IPA is the firstof many in our Lifted series of cross-bred beers,” says Nathan. With a dank nose, hopped with Lemondrop and BC Citra, the result is a luscious, hazy golden liquid full of pungent and spicy aromas with a hint of sugary citrus that leads to a surprisingly session-ready, clean finish.

“The consumer response to Incident and Accident’s Super Lemon Hazy IPA has been outstanding,” says Lynette Faye, sales agency Principal at KIS Consulting. “We are thrilled to be working with Nathan and his team on this new family of Lifted craft beer.” Refreshing and revolutionary, Super Lemon Hazy IPA will surely satisfy customers seeking a composite craft beer with savoury flavour and a unique terpene blend twist.

Being grassroots and starting small, until we can afford our own home. Incidents & Accidents will be using some spare tank space, and brewing beer at our friends Craft Collectives brewery in Vancouver.

A gullet and a dream. Incidents &Accidents Brewing Company reflects founder, Nathan Dunsmoor’s 20 years experience within only craft beer. It’s about amazing new things coming from unexpected Incidents &Accidents that life throws at you. And the amazing things you can create from them along the way.

Don’t be lazy, pick up some Super Lemon Hazy IPA today!

For sales, contact: Lynette Faye, KIS Consulting I 604.329.9656
For more information, contact: Nathan at 1.833.Dank.Hops
lnstagram: gogetlifted

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