Steel & Oak Wheat Ale

New, Rosell Wheat Ale Comes From Steel & Oak Brewing

Steel & Oak Brewing Co. announces new Flagship beer, Roselle Wheat Ale.

Steel & Oak is known for doing quite a few German-style beers, yet we’ve never released a year-round Hefeweizen. Not to disappoint, but although this beer is loaded with wheat malt Roselle isn’t a Hefeweizen.

This cloudy amber coloured wheat beer uses Belgian Ardennes yeast fermented at a cooler temperature to bring out banana notes traditionally found in a German Hefe while Hibiscus and Rose Hips are added to create floral and fruit notes and a refreshing and slightly tart finish.

So, while not a German brew when you take your first sip of Roselle you’ll think “yes, this is definitely a Steel & Oak beer.”

Roselle joins Royal City Ale, Red Pilsner, West Coast ESB, and Dark Lager as the only beers available all year from S&O. Draught and 4 pack tall cans will be available in Metro Vancouver this week, Vancouver Island next, and the Interior soon after.


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