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New Limited Release Brew from Highway 97 Brewery

Full Moon Spiced Earl Grey Dark Ale

Penticton, BC: Highway 97 Brewing Company is offering up a new brew to help everyone stay home, self-isolate and enjoy a relaxing beverage. This dark ale has the added twist of a soothing Earl Grey Tea addition, notes of soothing spices and the complexity of some darker roasted Western Canadian two-row barley.

This limited release spiced dark ale has a twist of malt and hops to bring out a well balanced full body flavour. We brewed this beer with a conjunction of spices and conditioned it on Earl Grey Tea and vanilla beans. Like a full moon, this ale is sure to brighten even the darkest days … something we could all use during this current COVID-19 pandemic.

Packed in a 473 ml can, the can art depicts the solice of a full moon on a quiet night with nobody around. Picture yourself alone on your deck enjoying this fine ale as the night sky dances for just you. Take the test, crack a can open today and see if you can resist!

Ask your local cold beer store or BC Liquor Store to get you some… they’ll order from us and we’ll deliver! The rest is up to you.

Limited Spring 2020 Release – Get a four-pack before it is gone!

For further information please visit the website or visit the boutique taproom at 954 Eckhardt Avenue West in Penticton… we’ll have the beer cold for you!

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