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New From Postmark Brewing, The Spruce Tip Saison

Postmark Brewing-Bobmber-Spruce Tip Saison-Lake Side-10 Postmark Brewing-Bomber-Pint-Spruce Saison-StudioPostmark Spruce Tip Saison | Fresh, Boreal, Sitka

Building on the success of past spruce tip beers, Postmark brewing has switched up their styles and come up with a Spruce Tip Saison. Released in 650ml bottles the beer will be available in select retailers starting in July, 2017.

Looking for a unique brew? This Saison has the addition of Spruce Tips in the boil to give it a sprucy fresh finish while still maintaining those big fruit aroma notes.
Alcohol: 4.8%
ABV: 25

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