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Spinnaker's Ortega Blonde Release

Mashing with Grapes – Spinnaker’s Releases Ortega Blonde Ale

Spinnaker's Ortega Blonde Release

Spinnaker’s Blends Beer and Wine Styles Together in the Ortega Blonde Ale

Spinnaker's Ortega Blonde ReleaseThe Spinnnaker’s Brewery has just celebrated their 30th birthday and with that monumental achievement comes a number of suitingly unique and complex beers. The brewing team’s been stretching their imaginations with each brew flexing the boundaries of tradition. Next up in the seasonal releases is the Ortega Blonde. In the Brewers Reserve Series of beers this is a blend of a traditional Blonde Ale and Ortega wine Grapes to give a unique and bubbly wine-beer hybrid.



This unique, small batch brewed in collaboration with Muse Winery, blends Canadian Pilsner malt, aromatic Belgian yeast, and Island grown ortega grape juice to create a crisp, sparking complex ale. Can’t decide on whether to try a cool, crisp glass of wine or a thirst quenching, effervescent light beer? Ortega Blonde Ale might be just the ticket for a revolutionary new taste experience

The Ortega will be arriving in select liquor stores mid November.

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