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Cannery L'Orage Noir - Photo by Caillum Smith

L’Orage Noir Belgian Strong Dark Ale Released from Cannery Brewing

There’s a Black Storm Brewing in Penticton! Cannery Brewing Releases the L’Orange Noir

Cannery L'Orage Noir - Photo by Caillum Smith

November 27, 2014

Penticton, BC.  Many people know that the Okanagan Valley is typically warm and friendly. But what people don’t always get to experience is that it can also be strong and dark. Throughout the summer months, the valley is hit by severe thunderstorms that leave most people in awe. As a dedication to Mother Nature and all of her fury, comes Cannery Brewing’s newest beer, L’Orage Noir, which translates to Black Storm. L’Orage Noir is the latest limited release in the Artisan Creations series from Penticton’s Cannery Brewing.

Ross Thompson, head brewer for Cannery Brewing explained, “Our L’Orage Noir is an ‘Abbey’ Style Belgian Dark Strong Ale. It focuses on the unique flavours created by the teamwork of Belgian yeast and Candi sugar. A simple background of Pilsner, ESB, Special B and Carafa malts bow to the shocking flavours of the yeast and sugar.”

Thompson continued, “We are pretty excited about this new limited release. We’ve wanted to create a beer in this style for some time. We really wanted to push the boundaries with this one and we’re pleased with what we were able to create. We tested it out on tap in our tasting room and we got some great feedback on it.” At 9% alc./vol., this is Cannery Brewing’s strongest beer to-date.

Like the other beers in Cannery Brewing’s new Artisan Creations series, the L’Orage Noir label is an artistic creation designed to match the artistry of the beer.  Thompson explained, “We knew we needed a powerful image to reflect the character of this dark, strong ale. We are absolutely thrilled to feature the brilliant Okanagan lightning storm photo captured by Okanagan-based photographer Caillum Smith from Preserved Light Photography Caillum, an international award-winning photographer, has been recognized by National Geographic and published by Times Magazine. To have his photo on our L’Orage Noir label is an honour for our team at Cannery Brewing.”

Cannery Brewing’s L’Orage Noir is a single batch release that will be available at private craft-beer focused liquor stores and restaurants throughout BC and at select liquor stores in Alberta until it is gone. For a list of private liquor stores carrying the L’Orage Noir, see


For more information on Cannery Brewing or any of its fine hand-crafted ales and lagers, visit, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, call 250.493.2723 or drop by and see them in the Brewery, which is located in Penticton, British Columbia.

Cannery L'Orage Noir Flat Label


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    Hopdawg 27 November, 2014, 21:01

    Good job Ross! I’m very excited by what you guys are doing down there!!!!

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