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‘Like an oatmeal stout with a twist,’ says Quebec brewer behind cricket beer

Jérémie Tremblay hopes to challenge assumptions with the frothy, protein-rich stout

A pair of microbreweries in the Lower St-Lawrence have released a new signature beer that uses a surprising ingredient: thousands of roasted crickets.

La Baleine Endiablée in Rivière-Ouelle, Que., and the Lion Bleu microbrewery in Alma teamed up with a cricket farm to develop Stout Aux Grillons, or cricket stout.

Its makers say the beer has chocolate and coffee tones, and pairs well with oysters, ribs and, fittingly, chocolate-covered crickets.

Baleine Endiablée co-founder Jérémie Tremblay told CBC’s Breakaway that he was approached by a friend, cricket farmer Maxime Dionne, about breaking the taboo around farming and consuming the insect.

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