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Launch of HYPHA Project: Beer, Art and Community

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VANCOUVER, BC: East Vancouver welcomes a new beer project to its neighbourhood that will contribute in more ways than just beer.

The HYPHA Project combines beer, art and community to release limited batches in custom cans designed by local Vancouver artists. Each beer release is celebrated with a launch party for beer fans at an undisclosed location, with details to be released to email subscribers one week in advance. Due to COVID restrictions, the first release party will take place online.

“The 3 pillars of the Hypha Project (beer, art and community) are all passions of ours. We want to showcase and celebrate these all at the same time!” says Cris Ohama, one of the co-founders of the HYPHA Project.

The founders of the HYPHA Project want to spotlight brewers and artists that create real value to the community. The head brewer and one of the co-founders of the HYPHA Project, Chris Charron, is also the co-founder and brewer at Slow Hand Brewing and has over 10 years of brewing experience. The first artist-in-residence for HYPHA’s launch beer is Taka Sudo. An avid supporter of the art community in Vancouver and accredited artist, Taka’s design decorates the first of the HYPHA beer cans. Each new batch will feature a different artist-in-residence to showcase the Vancouver art scene. A pivotal part of the Hypha culture is not only to connect with the community, but to ultimately lead to the creation of a unique community within.

The HYPHA project is officially open for business July 25th, 2020 with a virtual launch. Follow the journey leading up to the launch on Instagram @hyphaproject. HYPHA beer will be on sale for 2 days only: Sat. July 25th & Sun. July 26th from the Slow Hand Brewery location. This is a pop-up sale, and HYPHA beer will only be available for purchase at the Slow Hand Brewing location for those two days. It will not be available for purchase through liquor stores or bars & restaurants.

Tune in to the festivities at, where there will be posts of the video interviews with the community partners involved in the HYPHA Project launch. The designer merchandise featuring local art and other details will be announced on the HYPHA website and Instagram in the coming weeks.

Support local brewers, artists and vendors by tasting HYPHA’s beers and spreading the news.

Want to learn more about the HYPHA Project? Join us for a live Zoom Q&A session with the 3 founders of the HYPHA Project (meeting details below). Reach out to Cris at moc.tcejorpahpyhobfsctd@ofni for more details on the HYPHA Project, to request a swag bag and/or schedule a phone call.

Zoom Q&A Meeting: Vancouver media professionals are welcome to attend.
Friday July 17th – 10am PST – 10:40am PST
Attending: Co-Founders of the HYPHA Project Cris Ohama, Ben Regan, and Chris Charron
Meeting ID: 989 0154 0593
Password: 1F8sNy

About the HYPHA Project:
The founders of the HYPHA project would meet up and brew together. On brew days, they would invite all their friends and neighbours over and fire up the barbeque. Many hours were spent creating, enjoying and discussing our passion – beer.

“We love well-made beer and art that doesn’t take itself too seriously., That’s what the HYPHA Project is about – those two things and the people who feel connected to them.” – the co-founders of the HYPHA Project.

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