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Introducing Stumbling Goat Dry Hopped Maibock from Cannery Brewing

Stumbling Goat Dry Hopped Maibock

To welcome the month of May, we are stoked to introduce the newest beer in our It’s Not Magic, It’s Science series. Stumbling Goat is a Dry Hopped Maibock. In Germany, Maibocks are traditionally consumed in the lusty month of May.

This German-style lager was brewed with classic German malts and new world lager hops Lórien and Motueka, combined with the classic lager hop Czech Saaz. It is a malt-forward beer with a surprising hop complexity. Thanks to Super Deluxe Creative for again creating a great label for this limited release beer.

Stumbling Goat is now available for a limited time on tap and in 4-packs of 473ml cans in our taproom. It will also be at select private liquor stores around BC and Alberta in the days ahead. Come join us and say cheers to May with this dry hopped Maibock.

What’s a Maibock?

Are you wondering what a Maibock is? A Maibock is a traditional strong, malty Bavarian lager. It originated as a beer to enjoy in the short Bavarian spring during the month of May. (“Mai” is German for “May”). As the story goes, it is still too cool to linger in the beer gardens during this time of year in the Bavarian Alps. Yet, it’s too bright outside to hide indoors in the beer halls, so it became the perfect transition beer for the month of May.

While this style was first brewed in the town of Einbeck, it became popular in Bavaria, where their dialect causes them to pronounce the town “ein Bock,” meaning “a billy goat” in German. This is why you will often see a goat on Maibock labels, including our Stumbling Goat label.

On the Stumbling Goat label, you will notice that we are again proudly featuring the new Independent Craft Brewery seal.

The Independent Craft Seal of Authenticity™ is a certification mark that indicates the beer you’re drinking has been developed and produced by a small, independent Canadian craft brewer.

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