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How to Homebrew an Award-Winning Hazy IPA

The New England-style IPA, beyond being craft beer’s cultural icon for several years, has been a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Provisional Style for two rounds of the National Homebrew Competition. While Belgian IPA and the very similar white IPA have taken gold in the specialty IPA category for two years running, thus far, the number of medals given for the NEIPA style has not matched up to the widespread enthusiasm for all things hazy.

Is 2020 the year the haze craze finally collects the top prize? We asked top hazy IPA brewers around the country to clue us in on how they’re nailing their hazies. With insights from Other Half, Night Shift, WeldWerks, Angel City, and Karl Strauss breweries, the code to homebrewing an award-winning hazy IPA is all about ingredients and intention.

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