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How much alcohol is in kombucha? B.C. health officials are testing to find out

Alcohol level of popular fermented drink can rise even as it sits on store shelves

It’s a little sweet, a little sour and, as it turns out, sometimes a bit too boozy.

It’s the latter that has the B.C. Centre for Disease Control researching kombucha products in the marketplace.

The popular fermented drink often contains traces of alcohol resulting from its production process, but various conditions can boost the alcohol to levels comparable to beer even as it sits on store shelves.

It’s not likely to get you tipsy, said Lorraine McIntyre, with the BCCDC, but low levels of alcohol can be a concern for those who are pregnant or breast-feeding, or have compromised immune systems, for toddlers or for people who do not wish to consume any alcohol for personal, religious or health reasons.

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