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Fuller’s, one of England’s great brewers, sells to Japan’s Asahi

UK group that has made beer for 170 years to become solely operator of pubs and hotels

Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC has accepted a blockbuster £250m offer for its entire drinks business from the Japanese beer group Asahi, including its flagship London Pride ale.

The company, which has three relatives of the Victorian brewing barons John Fuller, Henry Smith and John Turner on its board, said it had taken the decision to quit beer after 174 years to concentrate on running pubs and hotels.

The deal includes the Griffin brewery, its “spiritual home” in west London, on the banks of the Thames, in what is now the upmarket suburb of Chiswick.

Simon Emeny, the chief executive of Fuller’s, said: “Brewing has formed an integral part of our history and brand identity, however, the … driver of our future growth is now our premium pubs and hotels business.”

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